So long and thanks for all the blocks

OneMoreBlock (* 2011-12-01, † 2014-09-30) shuts down after several years of fun and creative building.

Special thanks go to AtmoX and Spudstabber who founded this server and everyone else who helped shape it into the server we all grew to love.

If you like, you can pay a visit! Many OMB players are there already and some of the worlds are already playable there now.

You're also welcome to join the Steam group if you want to keep in touch with the community.

If you have unfinished business or would just like to have a copy of your creations,
please download the appropriate worlds from below.

Please be fair and honest about what is yours and what isn't.

Origin – the homeworld, including plots 1.7 GB Download
Telos – the experts world 1.5 GB Download
Omnus – freebuild 56 MB Download
Cosmos – spaaaaaace 5 MB Download
Avon – unfinished RP world 763 MB Download
Nether 32 MB Download
Origin Old – the homeworld & plots before the relaunch 2.2 GB Download
This page and domain expire Nov. 30th, 2014. Downloads will be removed then.