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A New Launcher, New Features, and Revamped Server!

Minecraft 1.6.2 arrives! The server is updated!

Much of what we as builders are excited about are the new blocks and colored clay, both of which will be beneficial to creating builds that far surpass what we could have ever done with the limited palette of Minecraft long ago. Some call it feature creep, stating that the RPG elements that have been added along the way since Minecraft’s official release are certainly not welcome, and what are we going to do with these fireworks, and why don’t you fix these simple things? Personally, I say bring it on. Minecraft’s moddablility renounces any kind of disappointment that one might have with the stock game.

The spawn renovation mentioned earlier has been confirmed by staff to be in progress. Much of the things that new players see when they come into the server for the first time will be different, and slightly more accessible. While we’re still going to keep much of the rank hierarchy and save as many builds as possible, old worlds will no longer be accessible and some towns will vanish. Staff ranks have been changed, and people have been demoted and promoted. Gone is the confusing spawn system, that might sometimes take you to an old warp station, and it’ll be a lot easier to get around.

We’re working hard this summer (that is, in the applicable hemisphere) to get the server a lot more organized. We’re making sure everything gets working, the new survival mode, the new plugins, and the website changes galore before school starts for most of us.

Project Feature: Captain’s Retreat

A massive undertaking by our server captain Spired_Navigator, Captain’s Retreat is a meeting of several different inspirations and builds, centered around an overarching Victorian theme.

It’s also a bit whimsical, with giant statues and plants (don’t mess with the sea-protector’s garden) evoking a Wonderland-like feel. Check out the god tree! Also, SHIPS.

There’s a ship called the “Spired” (how humbling) that takes you from and to the area. A sea demon lurks just off the coast, though. He’s quite dapper, so do say hi to him, that is, before he takes a bite out of your vessel.

From the main area, there are lit paths leading to various towns, which were all built by Spired as well. Though from the pictures it may look nearly complete, the build is still expanding, though it nears a finished state.

If you want to hear about the project in the captain’s own words, here’s a link to his PMC page. There are pictures there, and hopefully when shaders become stable, we’ll be able to get even purdier screenshots. If you like it, diamond! If you have something more to say, positive or negative, leave a comment. If you come on the server, you can ask Spired for a warp to the retreat.

See you around next week for another featured undertaking on the OMB server.

New spawn!

Listen up, Steves, there’s going to be a major overhaul of the spawn.

It will make everything easier to find, as well as add some pizazz to the general look of the server.

A survival mode will be added, presumably, and no longer will you have to go to Telos to warp to Omnus.

It will also (presumably) be less easier to gloss over the rules, and it will have a completely different look from the blue complex we are currently using.

More details to follow as the admins confirm or dismiss ideas and other workings pop up.


Omnus is a silly kind of world. Here you can build things that are not acceptable anywhere else, like pixel art and giant cake houses. You can mess around in Omnus, build a parkour map, a haunted house full of pistons, or a functioning suicide booth.

Apprentice Rank and above, only, because of some griefing incidents. Omnus is flat land and easy to put a dent in.

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