Digital Timestamps
Timestamp your digital assets with an unique Timestamp NFT
How It Works
Upload your digital asset
Timestamp signature created on public Blockchain as NFT
Share proof-of-timestamp public link with third parties
Digital Timestamps
Register time of existence of digital assets. Built for legal professionals or in-house marketing or branding teams
Public Blockchain
We store the timestamps only a Public Blockchain so they are transparant and available for everybody. Only the timestamps are stored on a blockchain.
Easy to use
We have designed our interface so everybody can create timestamps even if they have never used Blockchain technology before.
Store assets off-chain
The digital assets are stored off-chain. The timestamps can be shared without making the underlying digital asset available.
Strong Authorization to prevent mistakes
Before you send the timestamp to the blockchain authorization using an YubiKey is required. This prevents mistakes. The Yubikey is included in our service offering.
Proof of Timestamp
All timestamps are created as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT ERC-721). The NFT timestamp can be transferred to any blockchain wallet of choice.
Secure storage of timestamps
Our digital timestamp services includes a Ledger hardware wallet. Your Proof of Timestamp NFTs are stored on your own Ledger hardware walet.
Share the Timestamp
Every Timestamp has a unique public link (URL) that you can share with other people. They can see the Timestamp details and verify the signature on chain.
Your company branding
Customise the Proof of Timestamp to include your company branding and logo.
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